Case Study for Banking, Financial Services and Insurance

Software applications used in Banking and Financial industry demands secure and error free processing of large transactions. KostCare's testing solutions are tailored to help the software vendors in BFSI segment to overcome testing challenges in large environments with legacy software. Our team of qualified testers helps clients in delivering software solutions that comply with regulations; lower application cost and eases customer service and engagement.


KostCare provides a comprehensive suite of services to global banks, financial services and insurance sector. Our services have helped them improve their software performance and gain competitive advantage by fine tuning performance. We have gathered substantial domain knowledge, which helps us quickly understand complex applications.


Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI)


Financial sector plays a very important role because it deals very sensitive issue of data handling. Our client's designed system was also handling highly sensitive customer information pertaining to their profiles to be captured intelligently. With the amount of additional features that were being added to the existing system, it was becoming extremely difficult for the manual testers to perform qualitatively within determined time frames. As a result- timely release of application was becoming a bottleneck which was adversely affecting the business. The only way to achieve time-to-market and quality of product was through automation.


Hands-on experience of automation testing for cross-browsers across platforms carves out KostCare's dedicated team. Testing the functionality and generating reports for business, masters our strength. Also, we helped in performance tuning for the client resulting in smooth operation of the system.


  • Ease of use with fine-tuned performance help effective functioning of the system.
  • Efficient system helped to fetch in more clients with smoother operations.
  • Reasonable amount of cost savings due to automated test processes.